Monday, 10 April 2017

Bag update!

Hello hello!!

I haven't had any bag update in a while! Well truth be told, I haven't bought anything new. I have been checking out these bags though. *Swwooonnn*

But obviously, these are all wayy outside my budget. So for now this will have to do!

My sister in law was in Europe a few weeks ago. I actually asked her to buy for me a wallet for Kimi. Not sure who reads this blog these days but the wallet is a surprise! So SSSSHHHH don't let it reach to him that I got him his present already!!! So after choosing his wallet (over Whatsapp, personal shopper style! Thanks Kak!), I gatal and ask her to get me a business card holder! 

She was shopping in Venice at the time and they didn't have the card holder in damier ebene as it was out of stock. Then kakak showed me this alternative in epi leather which I have never seen online! So I told her to get it!

It has 2 extra slots on the front and another slot on the cover.

I love how spacious it is inside though. I can put my business cards AND all my other cards as well. It's perfect!!

I can even use this when I use my smaller bags. Just quickly slip my IC and licencse at the front. One credit card inside and pop it into my handbag! Glad I bought this!!

Friday, 24 March 2017

Review - HUDA beauty matte lips in IKON and MATERIAL GIRL

I have received my belated birthday present from my friend Paris last weekend and I jumped for joy when I saw what it was!!

Another HUDA beauty matte lippy!

His sister actually sells them and the other day he asked me which colours are popular saying his sister wanted to restock and he was just surveying for her. Little did I know, he wanted to see which one I wanted.

So I picked MATERIAL GIRL, which is a dark plum colour. It reminds me of this NARS lip colour (DAMNED) that I really like. However upon trying, it is pretty dark (almost purple-ish red)!

I wore it to the office, but I don't think it's very suitable :P But it's perfect for nights! Beautiful tone and so BOLD! It's definitely something different!

Material Girl
Here is a comparison with Ikon, the other colour that I have.


Thank you so much Paris for my birthday present. LOVE IT!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Review - Papa Don't Peach blusher by Too Faced

There was a lot of hype over the Too Faced peach collection on the internet. I was so tempted to buy the eyeshadows but I stopped myself because I already have my Mario Palette. The first time it was lauched on, the collection quickly sold out. So once the restocked happened, I just HAD to buy something! I finally decided on the blusher!

I must say, this blusher is AWESOME! I absolutely love it! Here is the swatch.

It is quite pigmented, so one swipe is enough. The peach smell is yums too! 

I love it. Nuff said. GO BUY LA!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Review - Glowtion Day Dew by Pixi beauty

My moisturiser is nearly finished so I was on the look out for a new one.
On a whim, I decided to try this, Glowtion Day Dew by PIXI.

I did not realise that this is actually a highlighting moisturiser. Which means that it is pearly and glittery :p 

Once blended, it is not that noticeable. The lavender scent is mild and quite relaxing actually.

On my palms though, you can clearly see the highlights.

Here it is on my face, it is not that noticeable once blended in, but unfortunately I am not a fan.
Anyone wants to buy this off me? :P

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Nazrin's Second Advertisement

We had registered Nazrin with an agency last year and since then we went to 2 castings. The first one was for Koko Krunch (he didn't get it) and the second one was for Taylor's University (which he got!)

We went for the casting during the weekend which is a huge mistake as they were so many people! We waited for 3 hours for his turn and luckily he was in a good mood and managed to do the casting well. Kimi said, he better get this job! :P Good thing he did!

While waiting!

We were contacted on Tues that he was successful and on the same day we had to take him to a fitting.

Nazrin, Alif and Adam playing the character at 6, 12 and 18 years old

The shooting was on Wednesday and his call time was at 6.30am! Nazrin actually had a fever at 2.30am that morning but we couldn't pull out so off we went.

Getting his hair fixed
He had about 6 scenes and it started off really well. He was able to follow instructions and was generally a good boy.

However around 10am, after having to do so many takes for the same scene he started to get tired. His fever was burning up too, so the poor boy started to protest. He really struggled to finish the shoot but finally by 11.30 we were done. Phew

Eventhough he had a fever, as promised I took him to ToysRUs as his reward. We took him to the clinic in the evening and he was put on antibiotics. 

Overall, I was so proud of him. He looked so cute in the advert especially in the glasses! He really can follow instructions well and if he wasn't sick, I think he would have enjoyed it. I have been teaching him that from now on, all his toy purchases would be from his work money. He kept asking how much balance he has left and at one point he said "I have to go casting again to get more money!" Anyways, the full video has yet to be uploaded, so once it does I will post the link here too!

Monday, 13 March 2017

Teerah's 30th Birthday

My sister turned 30 this year, wow that made me feel old!
She wanted a simple celebration and wanted to eat chili crab so off we went to Jibby Chow.
The food at Jibby Chow was delicious! The chili crab was so yummy and the mun tao bread was so huge so it was satisfying. Usually mun toa breads are tiny so one is never enough. However in this case it was! Sorry tak sempat snap pic of the food, we were too hungry!

Her friends ordered a giant cronut for her. I was too full to have any :P Might have some at home later.

The whole bunch (her best friends) at the party.

When you try to take pics but you're a mum! So you get clingy kids in the frame too!

Happy birthday Mek Ya. Although I complain that you treat me like a driver, my car daily car rides would be a bore without you. It also makes us closer (as we're always stuck together for hours each day). I wish you good health and happiness always! I laa you.

Make up for the night;

Foundation : NARS in pujab
Powder : MAC in NC40
Brows : Benebrow Goof Proof  pencil
Eyeshadows : Master Palette by Mario 
Mascara : Too faced Better than Sex
Lipstick : Charlotte Tilbury in Very Victoria

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