Wednesday, 29 November 2017

November Haul from Cultbeauty

I have finally made my first purchase on Cultbeauty! It was free shipping on any Hudabeauty items (no min spend) that pushed it for me. So then my Pixi toner ran out so I stocked up on that.

I was super upset with deciem (the main seller of The Ordinary) when they changed the free shipping rule from USD35 to USD250 worldwide. So I was happy when I saw that Cultbeauty also sell The Ordinary and they also had the foundation in my colour in stock!

Cultbeauty Haul

The online transaction was easy and fast! Additionally, they also deduct the VAT if you're purchasing from overseas!

Here is the Hudabeauty Mauve Obsession Pallette. That middle most left shadow in rose gold is so pretty! In all honestly, I am unsure on how to use and put these colours together. But after trying, it wasn't soo bad. I can still do pretty neutral looks without looking like I've got red eyeshadows on!

Here is my first attempt!

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Japan Day 3 - Denden Town and Dotonbori

After a full day at the circuit, we had a late start on the following day.

We decided to check out Denden town which is a toy heaven for the boys (namely Appa and Nazrin) and to walk to Dotonbori.

Check out our day in this video!

As it turns out Denden town was nearby our place. All we had to do was walk straight from the main street of the apartment. The boys were looking for some toys/figurines.

Honestly, mummy was pretty bored out of her mind and can't wait to do some proper shopping! Nazrin bought a samurai figurine with 3 samurais.

After Denden town we walked to Dotonbori! This is the street food area, famous for its colourful 3D signs. Kimi lined up to get some crab for us and OMG it was soo good! So juicy and sweet! We just had lunch just before we got there. Otherwise I would have loved to eat the Crab lunch set! We also lined up to get the Takoyaki which was yummy!

Then we finally arrived at the Glico man and I took the customary Glico Man pose!

Here is a shot of the Glico Man at night. I went out one night after the kids fell asleep especially to take this night shot!

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

October Haul from Japan

You want to see what I bought??? Wheeee...

1. Stationaries

I am a sucker for stationaries! Stationaries can get me excited! So I wanted to get Frixion pens (erasable pens) and a stapleless stapler (!).

Most of the stationaries were bought at Family Mart except for some Muji stuff which I bought at the airport!

I tell you this picture below...makes me smile! hehe

2. Food

Japan's idea of souvenirs were mostly food. They are famous for their banana cakes beautifully individually packaged in wrapped boxes.

Tokyo Banana is famous and yummy. This I bought at the airport on the way back.

The Osaka Banana Cake is the Osaka version and is no where as nice.

You gotta buy some mochi too! These were soft and yummy! I liked the pink one best.

3. Beauty

I had 2 things in mind which were Haku Hodo brushes and LUSH (coz we can't get this in Malaysia).
I googled these two and were happy to see they have branches in Osaka. After walking around Osaka (Day 3) I went to search for my brush. Luckily it was easy to find and I had to choose quickly as I left the boys and Appa outside the department store. 

I picked up a retractable blush brush which was JPY3456 (around RM127). The bristles were made of goat hair and it is so soft! I see what the hype is all about!

After seeing the Glico man, I looked over the bridge and I saw LUSH. So I quickly went in to grab a shower gel. 

My last beauty haul is this flower foam facial cleanser! This is such a social-media-made-me-buy-this item! Actually all the stuff I bought were influences from social media!

In all honesty, I don't use this much but seeing the rose shaped foam is SO COOL! LOL
Actually the streets of Japan were full of Drugstores selling so many beauty items like sheet masks and all sorts. I don't even know where to start that I even googled "Beauty items must buy in Japan" but I stopped myself (phew!) coz I really didn't want to add any more to my piles of beauty and make up! Was there anything else that you think I should have gotten though?

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Japan Day 2 - 2017 Suzuka Japanese Grand Prix

Hey ho hello! I have been so busy with work that I never got the chance to continue my Japan diary!

So DAY 2 was all about the Formula One. Our main agenda on the itinerary!

From Osaka we had to take a train to Shiroko and from there a bus to Suzuka. We booked reserved seats online (Kintetsu) but had to purchase the actual ticket at the machine. Actually we didn't have to buy tickets for Nazrin as he is not in school yet (6 years old).

The train ride took about 1.5 hours and upon arrival, the bus service was already waiting at the train station. Everyone proceeded to walk in line to the buses. Everything was so organised, it was amazing.

Outside the circuit, there is a small themepark and entrance was already included in our F1 tickets. So we went on a 2 rides before going into the circuit for the benefit of the boys.

We bought the general admission ticket (West area) and it was a pretty good call as it was such a HOT day. We had shade under the trees where the boys played while we watched the race. Unfortunately there were no screens nearby, so I can't really tell what is going on elsewhere in the circuit. Basically we just kept track of who's who while they drive past.

The race was won by Hamilton (who is already the World Champion today for this year). The red bull boys gave a good fight and bad luck for Ferrari whose car had problems.

After the race, Kimi wanted to collect the tyre rubbers but we couldn't go in through the Grand Stands. Luckily, after walking around we saw that we can get into the circuit and walk around the West Area! By this time, both boys were already asleep (thank god for strollers!).

The West Area track would only be opened at 4.30pm and our train back was 6.30pm. So while waiting for 4.30pm I changed our train tickets to a later time. I thought I read that changing time for the train was free but my credit card go charged! But we really didn't want to rush so nevermind. So once the gate opened, we walked into the circuit. Kimi managed to get his souvenir so he was super happy about that. Totally worth the price of the changed tickets. (I found out later though that they charged my credit card but then refunded it back! So it was indeed FREE to change tickets).

We took lots of pictures on the track while the boys slept!

After our walk, we stopped by the souvenir shop for some shopping. After shopping we went back to the bus stop. By then most people have left so the queue for the bus wasn't long. Again, everything was just so organised! There were non stop buses to take us all back to the train station. We took the train home and once we got home we cooked dinner which we all devoured quickly and the kids went to bed straight after! We were all tired but mummy and daddy had a great time at the Formula One.


  1. F1 tickets purchased through (RM1,000) - 2 adults 1 child
  2. Train tickets from Namba to Shiroko (RM264) 2 adults
  3. Reserved seat for train (RM127) 2 adults 1 child return
  4. Bus ticket from Shiroko to Suzuka (RM59) 2 adults return

Check out our day 2 video!

Monday, 30 October 2017

Japan Day 1 - Osaka Castle and Museum

This is our first overseas trip as a family of four. Super excited but super nervous about travelling with 2 kids! We started planning early this year and the main agenda was to catch the F1 race in Suzuka. I booked our accommodation in Osaka and we planned the rest of the trip with Osaka as our base. I booked a studio from Airbnb and it was a good choice. The studio was small but it had 2 double beds (they even squeezed in a single in between as well!), a kitchenette and even a washing machine. It had everything we needed for our stay such as detergent, sponges, towels etc. We even brought clothes for half our stay and did laundry there to save luggage space. We travelled with 1 big luggage, 1 cabin size trolley bag and 2 strollers. It was a good thing that we brought 2 strollers because there was a LOT of walking! Going to and from the airport with luggages and strollers was a hassle as Kimi had to handle both luggages and the small stroller. But we managed! Phew!!!
In the train shuttle from Airport to Train Station
Kid's are TIRED!

Finally got to our room!
As we arrived to the room at almost midnight, our first day started late at around 11am. We decided an easy day to see the Castle should be enough. We were also learning and getting accustomed to the train lines and subway so we just took it easy. After 2 subways, we arrived at the Osaka Castle. It was a gloomy first day for us in Japan. We came prepared with ponchos for the boys though bought from Speedmart! They looked super cute in it!! We opted for the Electric Buggy to go to the castle gate which was a good move! We had to leave the strollers at the bottom of the castle and chose to go up the 8 flight of stairs to the top. 

Bonsai at the Osaka Castle Park

A temple at the Osaka Castle Park

Samurai statue!
Once we got to the 5th floor, Aaman who hadn't had his morning nap (it was 2pm by then) got really tired and asked for his milk. He feel asleep shortly after so I left him with Kimi while Nazrin and I went up to the top of the Castle. On top of the castle was the observation deck where you can see 360 degrees of Osaka. Nazrin' favourite part of the whole trip was seeing the samurai figurines in the castle. He kept on drawing samurais at war throughout the trip!
The beautiful Castle


View from the Observation deck

Serene garden

In front of the Castle is the Osaka Museum. We couldn't miss this out as Kimi loves museums. The museum starts from the 10th floor and you make your way down to the 6th floor for the main exhibitions.

I liked how they have depicted how it was like in the streets of Osaka back in the days. There were also many models of old houses with lots of samurais which Nazrin loved obviously. There was also a floor where the kids could pretend that they were archaeologists so they played there for a while. So it was a pretty impressive and interactive museum and definitely worth a visit.
Model of Old Osaka
Old Osaka
Walking through the old streets of Osaka

Here's a video summary of our Day 1.

Check back again for more Japan updates!

Monday, 2 October 2017

The Taaras - Pulau Redang

Post Pulau Rawa, Nazrin started taking an interest in snorkeling. Being the doting father that Kimi is who loves to do things that his kids love, he is now more open to the idea of beach holidays. Yeay!! So when my sister in law suggested a trip to Redang, we jumped on board! Yeay!

We rented a car to drive us to Merang Jetty in Kuala Terengganu. We departed from Bangi just passed midnight. With stops and a detour due to road closure, we arrived in KT in the morning. It was a long journey and a pretty tiring one as I couldn't sleep at all. Luckily we arrived in time for the boat which took us to Pulau Redang.

The boat ride took 45 minutes. It was fast and slightly choppy. The poor maid was so scared the whole time! The kids enjoyed the ride!

We booked the garden room which was the cheapest at RM800++ per night. This is the farthest from the beach but it had a nice veranda with view of the forest and monkeys. If you had extra money, do book the beach front rooms! The view there was too die for!

Day 1

After checking in, we all slept in the room after lunch. We were all tired from the travelling and it was just TOO HOT outside. We waited until 4.30pm to go to the beach. The beach was the best part with super soft white sand which Aaman truly enjoyed. Nazrin went snorkeling and there were plenty of fish just by the beach. However I felt that the fish at Pulau Rawa were more colourful. We had to go to the Marine Park to see more variety of fish.

Day 2

After breakfast, we all headed to the beach again. Nazrin went snorkeling while Aaman and I swam in the water or played with the sand. We were there until midday and stopped for lunch.

After lunch we all rested and slept. Again it was way too hot to be outside in the afternoon. We planned to go to the Marine Park at 5pm. We were picked up by a van and went on a small private boat to the Marine Park. 

As it was Sunday evening, all the other tourists were gone and we were the only ones there.

I really wanted to see turtles, but there were none at the hatching centre. There were plenty of fishes when we went snorkeling and they were naughty too! They kept biting our legs! I also got the opportunity to snorkel around an old shipwreck! That was the first time for to snorkel that far and to see fishes around an old shipwreck was so cool! A turtle also swam by but I totally missed it! 

Day 3

Since we didn't see any turtles yesterday, I said to myself "we HAVE to find turtles today!!"
So we rented a kayak to search for the turtles. Apparently the tame and friendly ones were just in front of our hotel. We got a kayak for each family and off we went! We headed toward the turtle bay and lo and behold, we found them!

The turtles swam around and under us. It was so magical to see them up close! Kimi even got to touch them! If you went with the hotel boat, you can even swim and feed them. But we wanted to save money but apparently it didn't cost that much. A friend paid RM50 to the hotel to take them but the hotel sign said RM60 per person? So I suggest that you ask the hotel how much it is. 

Anyway this was the highlight of my trip! We even got many cool shots of the turtles and us from my sister in law.

So there you go! Our Redang trip. Now I am counting days to our Japan trip!
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