Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Review - Master Palette by Mario and Huda Beauty Matte Lip

As a birthday present to myself (alasan je) I ordered myself this highly coveted, most sought after eyeshadow palette! It's my Mario, who is Kim K's make up artist. This is not available in Malaysia so I ordered this through my friend Feeza, a fellow make up junkie. She bought this in Dubai and it's RM320. Pretty expensive but totally worth it!

Here are some looks I created. Apologies as I know most of my looks are the same! :p

The eyeshadows are so pigmented! and so easy to blend and super soft. It's totally worth the money spent! The range of shadows are awesome so I am set for the next 2 years without having to buy any other eyeshadows! MAJOR LOVE!

Also another current fave is my Huda Liquid Matte in Ikon.
I love this colour and the staying power is pretty awesome (although on me some of it rubs off after eating). It doesn't dry the lips or accentuate any cracked lips.

Here is a flatlay of the make up I used in Singapore.

Here is the look!

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

2016 SCORE Amazonian Race

At the office, we have a Sports Club and one of the classes offered is a bi-weekly aerobics class. One of the plus point about the current company is the Sports Club where we have a fully equipped gym, a sauna and classes like Aerobics and Zumba. About a few months ago, my boss who is an avid runner and an active sports woman invited us to join the Amazonian Race. It's a women only, 5km run with 12 obstacles. My boss invited the girls from Aerobics class and 4 of us decided to join (plus Natte - she doesn't do Aerobics :p)

I couldn't sleep the night before because Aaman didn't want to stop nursing plus I was super nervous about the event. I got up at 5am and Natte picked me up. After sending the kids to my in laws (yes at 5.30am and yes they were both awake! *pantang kalau mummy bgn!) we headed to Sepang. Luckily we car pooled because the roads were kind of dark and scary!

Upon arriving, we had to register. I wished that this could have been done earlier though. There were long queues of ladies, trying to get their wristbands before their 7am start.

Our excited (plus my scared and nervous face succesfully concealed) faces just before the race.

After a quick warm up lead by a Fitness First instructor, the race started. 

Well, it was hardly a race as it was not timed (phew!) The trail was behind the F1 Circuit and it was not to hilly. There were 12 obstacles in between so you don't feel the 5km at all which was GREAT!

These were obstacles that we had to go through.

  1. Balance walk on a plank 
  2. Rope swing - barely anyone escaped that muddy, cow poo stinking puddle!
  3. Over and under the barriers
  4. Crawling under wires
  5. 10kg sand bag
  6. Walked through a bunch of tyres
  7. Wall walk
  8. In and out of valleys
  9. A wall of rope
  10. Wooden wall
  11. Steep slide 
  12. Dunk in icy water
Obviously, I totally made up all those names! I have no idea what they are actually called!

The obstacles
Alhamdulillah, we all managed to finish the course in around an hour and a half. But most importantly, I finished without any injury (main concern for me each time!).

I had so much fun! Will definitely do this again!!

Monday, 9 January 2017

Birthday Wish List

Hey everyone!! Getting excited as my birthday is THIS WEEKEND! I went birthday present hunting over the weekend with the hubby and got it narrowed down to a few things. Unfortunately, one is out of stock while the other was the display unit. But it was a fun trip nonetheless! 

I have been requested for my wish list. I think it really helps everyone and makes it so much easier when there is a list, so as you wish :p These are in not in order.


Shower gels

I love shower gels, so anything from Bath and Body Works, L'occitane or Body Shop.

Make up - base

I just splurged major on an eye shadow palette (Master Palette by Mario - who does Kim's face) so I have enough eye shadows at the moment. But my base is running out so I have this on my TO BUY list at the moment (just the refil).


I have lost my mascara! Grr...

Scented candles

Diana got me Baies scented candle last year and OMG i am hooked on this scent! I love it so much and have used it all. It's so pricey though so any other scented candles would be awesome!

Duck Scarves

Fluff in Tea Tree

Jersey in Mint

Matte Satin Silk in Pinkdew

Black work pants (UK12 or size 40)

Now that we can wear long pants to work, I welcome black or dark coloured tailored or tapered pants. 

Workout pants (L)

Need another pair of long workout pants (ala yoga pants) as I currently have 2 long ones only and do 3 classes a week.

Sport socks

Had to throw a pair of my adidas socks after doing the Amazonian Race


Any nice tops is welcomed


So there you go! Obviously this is just a guide and I am not expecting anything. A prayer for good health, wealth and so that I am a better Muslimah would mean the world to me.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

December Hauls

Year end sales mean a HAUL post!

1. New work heels. 
The heel to my current work shoes came off and my cobbler has been MIA.
A day after I bought new heels, he came back! So I have 2 pairs of work shoes now.

2. A new slip on casing for my laptop.

3. Books and Serums
Bought 2 sets of Bob Books for Nazrin. Still struggling to get him to sit down and read! Grrrr
A novel for myself.

The white boxes are serums from The Ordinary (separate post on this later!)

4. Zara Tops
Bought 4 new tops from Zara during the sale!

5. Lastly my Alphabet Duck arrived as well.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Singapore Trip Day 2 - River Safari and Singapore Zoo

Within the vicinity of the Singapore Zoo, there are actually 3 different attractions being;

  • Singapore Zoo
  • River Safari
  • Night Safari

We decided to go to River Safari and Singapore Zoo, which actually is too much for one day. The River Safari is smaller and you can finish in 2 hours but Singapore Zoo is massive so requires a whole day to itself. But as we're only here once, we decided to go for both.

River Safari

River Safari is the newest addition to Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s portfolio of award-winning parks. Nestled between Singapore’s two award-winning wildlife parks – Singapore Zoo and Night Safari – River Safari offers an unforgettable adventure inspired by the world’s most iconic rivers. This $160-million attraction features state-of-the-art exhibit design as well as the world's largest freshwater aquarium. Housing one of the world’s largest collections of freshwater fauna, the park features over 6,000 animals including 40 threatened species. And that includes Singapore’s resident giant pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia. (taken from the website)

Family pic!

The cousins
The highlight of the day for me was the Panda.
I loved how they are not in cages and they seem so close to you. Even the panda was very active while I was there. One climbed down from the tree after his/her nap. The other was busy eating.

Aaman loved looking at the big fishes.

Then we went on the River Cruise where you can see animals like Rhino and Giraffe from the Singapore Zoo next door.

The Singapore Zoo is a 26 hectare wildlife park, nestled within the lush Mandai rainforest that stretches into the magnificent Upper Seletar Reservoir. More than 2,800 animals representing over 300 species of mammals, birds and reptiles call Singapore Zoo home. (taken from website)

After a few hours at the River Safari, we stopped by KFC which was Halal for lunch. Then we entered the Singapore Zoo. This place is so HUGE! The animals again are not in cages and their areas are very open. Some animals are just roaming around the zoo so freely.

We were very tired at this point, so we went around the Zoo via the train. We made a full circle of the Zoo via train and then got dropped off near Kidzworld which is the waterpark.

The highlight for the kids were actually the waterpark! They loved the water buckets and the mini slides. Even Aaman (who was fresh from a nap) loved playing with water!

There is also a Dinosaur exhibition (which may have ended when this post goes up!)
The exhibition showcased different robot dinosours. The dinos are moving with sounds which was quite cool and if your kids are into dino, they would be in awe!

We missed most of the shows actually but managed to catch the sea lion show. 
Would have loved to see the Elephant show and the show with the Monkeys but hey when you're travelling with 5 kids, you take what you can get.

All in all we had a WONDERFUL time at the Zoo!

My advice is if you had one to pick, go to the main Zoo and allocate a DAY there. You'll get so much more out of it. 

Bring your strollers! I didn't care that Nazrin was too big for strollers but I pity Kimi who has to carry him otherwise.

Seeing the kids, so happy to walk together in the Zoo was so worth it! To more family holidays like this soon!! 

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Singapore Trip Day 1 - Merlion Park and Gardens by the Bay

Our first holiday as a family of four overseas! Yeay!! It's been a while since we had The Razaks holiday but unfortunately Papa, Mama, Ninin and Ammar couldn't join this time. However we're excited for the kids (the cousins) to spend the day together.

We travelled separately as Kimi didn't want to get stuck in the jam. Lucky we did coz Kakak and Mas got stuck in a jam due to an accident. We arrived in Singapore at 2.30pm and went to check in. Thankfully our room is ready and we were upgraded to a slightly larger room.

We stayed at Park Royal on Beach road. The location is perfect as it's close to Halal eateries. 

After checking in, we headed out for lunch. 

Walking through Haji Ln

Singapore Zamzam was our pick. The lamb briyani was delicous and the murtabak was soooo good! (drooling as i type!)

Hungry Nazrin

After lunch, I wanted to go to the Merlion park. After attempting to hail a number of cabs and failing, I decided to use Uber instead. Within 5 minutes, we were picked up and 5 minutes later we arrived. When you're travelling with kids, it's just so much easier to use Uber! Plus it wasn't too expensive. $5-6 dollars for each trip.
Merlion Park
We walked across the river from MBS and took a few shots.

Mbs in the background

Then we took an Uber to Gardens by the Bay.

This park is massive! I really just wanted to see the Supergrove Tree light show. So we had to pay $6 to enter as it has been turned into a winter wonderland for Christmas. Otherwise, it's free to go in. Do note however, you need to pay for the train ride ($5), or play at the arcade (Kimi spent $20 here) and also to walk on the bridge above.

We were too tired to walk any further, so settled on a field listening Xmas music and waited for the light show. We were actually too early and ended up waiting for over an hour. By the time the show started, the kids were cranky.

The light show started at 7.45pm (another show at 8.45pm) where the tree lit up following the Christmas music playing. It was really pretty and very exciting, but by this time we had to head back already so I couldn't really enjoy the show.

Gardens by the Bay was beautiful at night. A definite must see in Singapore and you could easily spend a whole day there. There is the Flower Dome (seperate ticket) which houses flowers and plants from around the world. There is also an outdoor waterplay  and play ground which is free. We didn't have time to go there and it closes around 5.30pm. Satay by the Bay is also recommended by the Uber driver and it's halal.

Travelling with kids is a challenge though. I tried putting Aaman for naps during the day, but he was having none of it! Nazrin is no problem except for when he is tired and wants Kimi to carry him. I kept insisting that we bring 2 strollers (which proved to be a good move the next day!). So night time is a complete write off as the kids are asleep by 9pm the latest. 

That's the end of Day 1 for us!! Stay tuned for Day 2

Monday, 5 December 2016

Diana's baby shower

Time has been flying past to fast this year hasn't it? Before we knew it, our Diana will be popping her second baby soon (she's due in Jan). This time around her hubby took the wheels and organised the whole thing! As usual he only wants the best and he loves spoiling her big baby (as he calls her) and so he worked with Mint Events for this party. Although the theme was the same as her birthday dinner (read about it all here), Mint Events took it to another level with her baby shower!

We walked into the clubhouse and saw the beautiful set tables, dessert table and cake. It was only a bit later that I realised the custom made columns for the backdrop of the dessert table, complete with "Diana's Baby Shower" in gold letters. That was INSANE!!

The table setting was just as gorgeous! The tables were lined up with white flowers and lit candles.

The scrumptious dessert table was delicous too!

The shower was graced by Diana's dearest friends. I am so glad that we all could make it to her special day (except for Ikmal).

I was in charge of the games and we played 3 games. I have been given instructions to organise FUN and NEW games! The games were;
  1. Pain or P*rn
  2. How babies are made
  3. Mummy needs to Pee!
The first game was you had to guess from a series of pictures whether it's of a woman in labour or in the latter. We played this game before so I had to literally make a fresh new set of pictures this time. I tell you, my eyes were hurting having to pic go through those pictures!!! Then when we played the game, I made people call out their answers but after the 3rd pic, we had to refrain from saying P*rn as Diana's girl was also shouting out loud P*RN!! HAHAHAHA!!

I got the other baby shower ideas from here.

Playing Mummy needs to Pee!
As for the gift, I ordered the toiletries set from I love their range of organic, baby safe toiletries. So I asked my aunt at Hanna Petals to put together a flower basket and I know how much Dee loves flowers. My sister included her stuff as well in the basket.

Gift basket

My dearest Diana,

All the best with the new baby. We cannot wait for the arrival for your new goddess. I hope that you have a safe delivery and will welcome you to the Mother of Two club! Love you loads Dee!

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