Monday, 19 September 2016

Window Shopping at Louis Vuitton

I haven't posted anything Bag related so let me feast your eyes on some eye candy!!

Mummy and I went into LV, Suria KLCC over the weekend as mummy was thinking of getting something to mark her retirement. On the way to LV, we spotted a girl carrying a smaller version of the LV Kimono and it was so cute!!

So first thing we wanted to see was the Kimono PM.

Kimono PM

This comes with a shoulder strap as well. I love the size and since it's in black it would make the perfect work bag! This one is RM11,200.

Then I looked at other bags, just for fun.
I have been eyeing on the Lockme II BB as well. I wanted to see if it was heavy especially with the metal short handle but it's not so heavy. That short strap is pretty short though.

This LV Twist WOC is cute as well. I love small handbags now since I usually have to carry the big diaper bag.

Tried this one for fun! They have it in all black too!

It's crazy how expensive LV bags are these days! Most of the bags are close to RM10k.
Oh the SA who served us was called Hanif and he was so nice and accommodating. So ask for him if you need help in LV ok?

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Benefit Brow Workshop and new product alert

I signed up for Benefit's Brow workshop last week and went to Avenue K for the class.

Their brow expert went through all the necessary steps for doing your eyebrows. It was a pretty personal one was they went through the different steps/actions required suited for your own eyebrows. They also went through the steps one by one and you are following them along the way using all Benefit products.

Here are the steps;

1. Primer

For someone with barely there brows, I definately need to prime my brows!

2. Drawing the brows

You need to map your brows as follows;

Make 3 marks to shape your brows using the Goof Proof pencil.

3. Gimme brow

This is to further fill in your brows. For someone with sparse brows, you should back comb the brows so that more fibres stick to the hairs so that it seems fuller.

4. High brow

Lastly using high brow, draw below and above the brows and blend.

Tada! Here is my brows on fleek after the class.

Thank you

New product alert

After the workshop, I walked around Sephora and noticed this item.

Basically it's a combination of two eyeshadows and there are 3 combos in this pallette.

The pallette comes with this ball sweeper and basically you sweep across the combo using the toll and then sweep it across your eyelids. See instructions below!

Auto eyeshadow application in one sweep! Love it!! Especially for someone who is always looking for shortcuts during application! WIN!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Nazrin modelling - he needs your "LIKES"! to be the face of PONEY

Hey guys! I took Nazrin to be registered with an agency a few weeks back and check out his profile!

Aww look at that face! I was a bit apprehensive about the whole shoot because when I told him we were going to take some pictures he immediately said, , "No I don't want to take pictures!". Luckily when we got there, he worked really well with the girl who gave him instructions on how to pose and all. Phew!

So now they have a contest running and in order for him to go to the next round, he needs 300 likes on facebook. So I need a favour from everyone who reads this blog to click on the link below and please like his pic! He is half way through but we need another 150 likes!

Click on the link below ok?! Thank you so much!!

Here are the details of the prizes!
Contest Mission is to select the most talented KIDS MODELS for their further participation in ADVERTISEMENT SHOOTS and FASHION SHOWS. The members of the jury are FIGARO and PONEY Companies and advertising agencies of MALAYSIASINGAPOREINDONESIATHAILANDINDIA and the PHILIPPINES.
TWO participants will be awarded with Gift Cards and will participate in advertisement photo and video shoots for PONEY Company;
THREE participants of the Contest will be awarded with Golden Star Award from FIGARO International Models & Talents Agency;
ALL Contest participants who would gain more than 300 LIKES will receive FIGARO Golden Certificate.

Please like his pic ok? Thank you again!

Friday, 9 September 2016

Haul - new skincare

Since before Hari Raya, I was feeling like my current skincare is not improving my skin. I guess it is keeping it fairly clear but I was desperate to get rid of my bumps and I just want to make my scars dissappear. So I bought the SK II trial set which consists of the toner, essence and moisturiser.

The trail set

I have bought the set twice so far and have also started using the cleanser. However as I still had my old toner and moisturiser, I kept using those on top of the SK II.

Today I took Natte to the SK II counter as she needed new skincare as well. Lucky for us, they have their promotion where you get RM50 rebate for every RM350 spent. As I recommended her, I got a small deluxe size cleanser and moisturiser.

 I also did my skin analysis and compared it to the last analysis. Unfortunately on most of the aspect of the graph it actually declined. One factor could be because I did not use the facial cotton. Apparently the absorption is better when you use a cotton pad rather than using your hands.

So after seeing that my skin didn't have much improvement, I bought another trial set (RM219) and I also bought the big jar of moisturiser. I do love the moisturiser so I thought it was a good investment.

Bottom right is the trial set.

Overall, I do feel that there is some improvement to the skin. The break outs a definitely less and if I put the essence on top of the pimple, it does dry faster. I just hope that over time the scars will fade and my face will me smoother.

To be honest, I was contemplating of going to an aesthetic clinic for some treatment. I even made the appointment but I think I might pass. It is pretty expensive! Even with the promotion, it'll cost me thousands. So SK II, do your magic please!!!

Oh do catch the following SK II promos at Isetan (until 12th September)
  • RM50 rebate when you spend RM350
  • Free gifts if you recommend a friend
  • A USB flashdrive if you spend RM450 and above

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Make up lately

Just a flatlay of empty boxed
I realised that I haven't been posting my make up looks lately so I thought I'd share.
I have to say that I've been in a bit of a rut. So most days at work, it's super simple make up.

Usual daily make up

I have been wearing a new foundation which is the Nars Sheer Glow but I think I prefer my Laura Mercier better. As you can see above, it was barely 10am but my face was slick and oily.

These days I usually wear foundation, blush, eyeliner and mascara.

And here are a few looks to a wedding and an outing where I put a little bit more of an effort. Heheh

To a wedding
Still haven't found a solution to get rid of those pesky bumps! Grrrr

Out to lunch
I finally wore my dUCk too :p

What make up have you been using? I keep wanting to buy more but I know I have so much already and I have been good and NOT buying!

Friday, 2 September 2016

Fickle minded - back to the old layout

Ok so as you may have noticed, I went back to the old layout.
After changing it, I felt like it was too "busy" and I didn't like the 3 column layout.

Back to this clean one. So rugi though, bought the template and now will not be using it!

Thursday, 1 September 2016

the KL dUCk

I am not a "duCKie", who would try and berebut each and every limited edition shawl that comes about but I have been wanting the KL dUCk. I even got my sister to drop by the Petronas souvenir shop as she said they were sold there but when she went, it was long sold out.

So when they announced that they were releasing the KL dUCk again and this time with more colours I was stoked. I REALLY want one! Or TWO so it seems!!

My dUCk battle story this time had a happy ending. On the morning (and when I saw morning it was at 1.40am) that it was released, I dozed off the previous night while nursing Aaman so I woke up at 1am. I was mustering the energy to wake up and pray Isyak, wash bottles etc and remembered that they were releasing the scarves today. So I kept checking back from 1am and lo and behold at 1.40am they were released! SUPER DUPER lucky! I had access to all colours and I almost wanted to put them all in the cart and sell them off later but then again I refuse to be one of those resellers. So I just bought what I wanted which was the black and grey one!

I have to say that I do spend time reading the comments on IG of disgruntled customers who didn't get their hands on one. I think that it is unfair for resellers or personal shoppers to put such a huge mark up at resale. However I don't think it's Vivy nor theduckgroup's fault. They have tried their hardest to make it easy and better for everyone. It's just that the demand is just TOO huge! I think everyone needs to chill and not get too obsessed with the scarves. Just think if as rezeki, if you get it GREAT but if not just let it go. No need to queue up from the wee early hours, no need to spend the extra RM100 but I guess when the brand has gotten so STRONG that it's becoming a collector's item, I can't blame them for wanting to complete their collection. And I got my scarf this time...boleh la cakap kan? heheh

Ok enough with the dUCk, bought a few now but have YET to wear them!
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