Wednesday, 24 August 2016

MICPA 58th Annual Dinner

I was fortunate enough that the other day I was invited to MICPA's annual dinner. The Guest of Honor was our newly appointed Chairman so as one of the Chartered Accountant of the Company, I managed to bag a seat.

Our Chairman giving his speech
The Chairman gave an inspiring speech but the words of wisdom that I keep hearing/reading is "work hard and your reputation will precede you" so yes he keeps reminding us all to work hard :p 

Anyways, it was a lovely 7 (or 9?) course Chinese Dinner at Grand Hyatt. 

Muni, Azmir and I took a pic together to represent KMYS (KYUEM) Alumni  -  Warwick University Alumni - PNB Scholars

3 generations of Warwick Alumnis
There was also a special photography session with our Tan Sri Chairman. He came and shook hands with us and we all snapped a pic.
One for the album!
It was a night to remind us all accountants that we all can aim and achieve to be at the very top of the corporate ladder!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

DIY Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Ever since we took Nazrin to see Ghostbusters, he has been quite obsessed with it. He even made his own proton pack using his current school bag and putting all sorts to it including pool cues (4 of them!), a drill, a weed pump and a nerf gun. With everything that's attached to that bag it is pretty heavy.

Old proton pack

So over the weekend, the husband wanted to make him a new proton pack using empty boxes and stuff he bought from the hardware store.

The materials
Kimi always loved making things. When he was small, he even made an electric toothbrush which he actually used and caused his gums to get infected.

I was actually expecting a proton pack using some tubes attached to a box using tapes but boy was I WRONG! Even the ghost vacuum had many parts to it! It also have lights with complete on and off switches!

Work in progress

Here is the completed Proton Pack. Super cool!

Working lights

A happy Ghostbuster

What a lucky boy he is to have a dad to make him the Proton Pack! Thank you Appa!

Monday, 22 August 2016

Nadia's Birthday Lunch at Dolly's

Sorry for the consecutive birthday posts but my August is filled with birthdays.
Most of my close friends were born in August. I am sure that Capricorns and Leos are very compatible.

It was Nadia's birthday (the following day) but we had an early birthday lunch for her. I guess since half of the gang are mummies, it's easier for us to do lunch during weekdays and weekends are usually for the family.

I met Ann at the LRT station so we rode the train together to Avenue K.

The mummies

Dolly Dim Sum on a Friday is always a bad idea. We had to wait for 45 minutes for the table! We were famished by the time we sat down and ordered so much! Amik kau! hehe

This year, Nadia didn't want any presents so she requested that we pass her the money instead so she could pass them to SPCA to pay for food etc for abandoned cats. She is a cat lover this one and it broke her heart when she found out that cats are not so popular when it comes to adoptions and some are put down. So that's her wish this year, to help cats.

We as usual had a wonderful time catching up and it was a hoot to hang out with my bimbotches.

Happy birthday Mary!
If she seems familiar to you, she used to be a DJ on FlyFm!hehe

Friday, 19 August 2016

Nazrin's 5th Birthday Party

I can't quite believe the fact that my 1st son is already 5 years old.
What a character he turns out to be. So strong willed and so cheeky. I love that at the end of the day he still finds his mummy to cuddle with. His current sentence is "don't marah me ok?" before doing anything that he KNOWS i don't quite like.

Anyways, after the big shebang of a birthday party last year, we decided to have a small party with the immediate families this year. His cousin Kirana's birthday one day after him so we decided to have a joint party. Held at the grandparent's (Kimi's) house we rented a bouncy castle, ordered some food and cakes and we were set!

The cakes 

I didn't even have a candy buffet this year and I really didn't want to serve too much candies and junk. Even the goody bags had limited sweets so I put in M&Ms and Ribena pastilles. 

We put on the fireworks candle on top of the cake but both of the kids were pretty scared! We wanted to put actual candles but we couldn't find any!

We ordered a bouncy castle for the party as we know the kids would love it. It was a tad hot but they still played it.

Although we invited the immediate family, it was still quite a big number.

All the guest

Nazrin is so lucky to have such generous family members. Check out all his presents!
He was a happy bunny because he finally got his no 1 wish list which is the Milenium Falcon!

Happy birthday Nazrin. Mummy loves you so much! It's way and beyond this world!

Friday, 12 August 2016

Benefit Gimme Brow and Ready, Set, Brow Deluxe Samples

Have you tried the new Benefit brow line?
I managed to get my hands on 2 deluxe samples and these are the Gimme Brow and Ready, Set, Brow ("RSB").

I received Gimme Brow free from purchasing Elle's magazine while the RSB was received from Benefit counter after filling in a survey.

Here are the swatches;

Top : Ready, Set, Brow (clear)
Bottom: Gimme Brow in shade 5

RSB is more of a setting gel to be applied after you have filled in your brows. So for someone who has sparse barely there brows, I feel that this is redundant.

Gimme Brow would be the star product for me. It quickly fills the brows and shapes it somewhat. It's not as precise as using a pencil but it's perfect for me coz I can fill my brows with a few sweeps of the brush on the brows. The only complain I have is that the brush is a bit prickly and hard. I wished it was softer. Would definitely purchase the full size of this but in a lighter shade (perhaps 4).

Which one is your fave? 

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Timelapse - Building Lego Star Wars Milenium Falcon

Nazrin has been begging us to buy him the Lego Milenium Falcon. It's so expensive that we truly couldn't bring ourselves to fork out THAT much for a toy. So he was ecstatic when he tore open the wrapping paper of his present from his grandparents and Kimi's sister (they shared)! He wish finally came true!!!

So that night after the party, he insisted that we start building the MF. I did not entertain him but his Appa obliged (such a softie when it comes to his sons). So Appa started on the first 5 bags and made the base. On Monday after work, I continued with the last 4 bags. It pretty much took me the whole night, in between feedings and all. At one point I wanted to stop but since it's his birthday the next day I thought it could be another present from us. So I continued til the end.

Midway building, I realised that I was missing a piece of the shooter gun thingy. I even back tracked and took apart a few things to find that piece in the hope that I wrongly put it elsewhere. I searched the floor just in case I dropped it but it was nowhere to be seen.I ended up with putting a "filler" and hoping that there is a spare somewhere. Then I thought maybe it's still in the bag (which I have discarded!). So I ran to the bin and there is was sitting on top of a cardboard that I recently threw away. PHEW!!! Luckily it did not fall to the bottom of the bin!!

Another pet peeve when building was when I used the wrong colour block. Light grey, dark grey and black! Couldn't the colours BE more similar! Again I had to go back a few times, take it apart after realising that I used light grey instead of dark grey!

At the end of each Lego session, I feel such an accomplishment to see the finished product and at the same time the relief as all pieces are there. I would absolutely hate it if in the end, one piece is missing. I guess that's the OCD in me talking.

Anyways, Nazrin has been having a great time playing with his MF and the figurines!
Happy birthday son. I hope you realise how lucky you are to have that toy from your generous grandparents and Mami Jija and Daddy Konti! Thank you for the present!!

Check out the video of me completing it. This was at nearly 1am :p

Monday, 8 August 2016

Clean your brushes peeps! This is how I do mine

It's important that you clean your brushes especially your foundation brush so that it doesn't cause pimples. I also clean my eyeshadow blending brushes quite often as you don't want to be using dirty ones to blend coz that'll just ruin your make up! So this is how I clean mine.

The cleanser

Sometimes I wash it using baby shampoo first so that it gets thoroughly clean. It smells great as well if you use baby shampoo. Some people say that it's bad for your brushes if you use shampoo but it hasn't ruined my brushes (yet!). After washing I use this cleanser to clean it again. Sometime I just use this to spot clean my brushes. No rinsing required if you use this alone!

The cleaning mat

This is the cheap version of the sigma cleaning mat. I bought this from Daiso for RM5 and it works just as well. I basically swipe the bristles back and forth on the mat. 


After rinsing the brushes, I lay them flat on the edge my dressing table and left them overnight to dry!

How do you clean yours??? Care to share?